Basic Math/Remedial Math

A great foundation in math is of utmost importance  if one is to be successful in ongoing math courses or for anyone who wants to improve his/her ability to do basic math computations.  To be able to subtract from multiple zeros or to be able to convert from decimals to percents are skills that are essential in every person’s life.

Basic Math and Remedial Math Tutoring Program

The Basic and Remedial Math Program at GayleTutors is designed for the student who is not “proficient” at current standards for his/her school grade.  However, it is equally beneficial to the elementary school student and for anyone who wishes to fill in gaps in his mathematical experience or wishes to gain an understanding of “how math works.”

Learning The Basics

The Basic course at GayleTutors introduces the student to core concepts.  Addition and subtraction practice/activities, along with multiplication and division concepts are provided.  Number notation, units and measurements conversion, constants, and fraction-decimal conversion techniques are also taught.  Remedial courses are designed to help students re-learn and to master developmental skills in math.  Building a strong foundation in math is the best way to ensure that students will do well in high school and college level math courses.

How We Do It – Differently

At GayleTutors, we take great pride in assisting in an understanding of how math actually works.   This is superior to memorizing enough formulas to pass classes.  Doing well requires more than just passing tests.  Understanding is what allows the brain to access that information in the future.  Utilizing our F.A.S.T. program, and high-tech games, we teach fractions, ratios, positive and negative number manipulation, percentages, skills for deciphering word problems, decimals, converting language to math and math to language, and division made easy in a way that the student can “get it”.  Mastery of these important skills can be limited in a traditional school setting.


Sessions are ongoing and have proven highly effective in developing a foundation of mathematical competence.