At GayleTutors – every student receives access to our FAST system of excellence as well as access to our video catalog.

Initial trial sessions or single sessions are available. This is great for test prep or to be sure we are the right fit.

  • Single Sessions – $50/hour
  • Single Half-Sessions – $30/30 mins

Typically, GayleTutors tutors in four-week blocks. This allows us enough time to make a real difference in your student’s skill set.

Grades 4-8

  • $160/four-week block

Grades 9-11

  • $175/four-week block

Grades 12 and above

  • $185/four-week block

Discount packages are available to fit your lifestyle and your needs when you purchase a 12-week block.

Call us!  Let’s begin intersecting math and success … for your student.