The Common Core mindset seeks to prove that “memorizers,” the group that in the past was thought to have more math ability, do not actually possess more math ability.  It is not necessary for students to calculate quickly to be great at math.  This conjecture has proven itself untrue through numerous brain science studies.  A great math experience comes from a place where questions are valued and pathways are forged.  Mathematics is evolving along the path of multi-dimensionality which is good news for those seeking an understanding of Pre-Calculus (as well as for those who are seeking to pass the class).

Calculus – the study of how things change.  Calculus provides a framework for modeling systems in which there is change and gives a way to deduce the predictions of such models.  In the same way, Pre-Calculus is a doorway to opportunity.  The discipline provides a way to construct relatively simple quantitative models of change and to deduce their consequences.  With this, one receives the ability to find the effects of changing conditions on the system being investigated.  Your student learns how to control the system to make it do what he/she wants it to do.

Calculus is a conceptual framework which provides systematic techniques for solving problems.  Therefore, Pre-calculus provides the student with the background for the mathematical concepts, problems, issues and techniques that appear in calculus, including trigonometry, functions, complex numbers, vectors, matrices, and others.

The GayleTutors Way

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