Physics Tutoring


Physics Tutoring

Physics is the one science where many areas of mathematics are applied.   Mathematics is the very language of physics.  Physics is the study of nature.  It involves the exploration of matter, motion, energy, and force, and interaction between them.  Nature obeys mathematical rules rather than “whimsy“.

Physics Tutoring – The GayleTutors Way

The GayleTutors approach to Physics tutoring is simple.  Your student will gain mastery in the specific skills needed to succeed in this math intensive subject.  At the high school level, a knowledge of Algebra is expected for the student in a typical first course.  A more advanced high school course will require a strong knowledge of Algebra, Geometry (we develop your student in an understanding of reasoning, using symmetry, similarity, and congruence), and Trigonometry (your student is challenged to break things into perpendicular components.  This requires, but is not limited to, the use of the properties of right triangles to solve for several quantities).

Where do we begin

GayleTutors focuses on, initial analysis to locate your students’ strengths.  Following is a simple physics problem that your child might be encouraged to solve: distance = 1/2at^2.  If the physics problems asks for the acceleration instead of distance, algebraic number manipulation which involves moving variables, is what is required.

Next, we will identify any trouble areas in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.  An individualized plan will be developed to make sure that a firm mathematical foundation is established.

Following this, your Physics tutor will work to make sure that these skills can be applied directly to your student’s current Physics problems as many of the sessions will be based off your child’s homework.

Your child’s tutor will have discovered exactly what is your child’s math background and what your student does and does not like about his current Physics experience.  If your child is having school problems in general, more creative ways of teaching may be implemented.

Outcome for your student

In a typical classroom setting, your student is required to learn the physics concepts while the math skills are being applied.  A carefully chosen professional, assisting your student in eliminating mathematical barriers, will go a long way toward opening a pathway of success for your student.  Confidence follows the mastery of the mathematical components of Physics.