Geometry/Common Core


The study of Geometry is all about shapes and their properties.  It involves the discovery of  patterns, finding areas, volumes, lengths, angles, and deriving a better understanding of the world around us.  The quest of excellence in Geometry also involves:

  • reasoning and proof
  • parallel and perpendicular lines
  • triangles and congruence
  • triangles and relationships
  • polygons and quadrilaterals
  • rigid transformation

Geometry – The GayleTutors Way

At GayleTutors, we possess a unique way of understanding geometry.  Along with homework help at each session, your child will receive the following:

Session 1:  Evaluation and Introduction to Basic Skills needed to succeed in Geometry.

Session 2:  Short review of concepts mastered in Session 1.  Introduction to Logic – the backbone of Geometry.

Session 3:  Logic Review.  Intro to Mathematical Properties

Session 4:  Intro to two types of Geometric Proofs.  Assessment.

Benefits of Geometry Mastery:

At GayleTutors, we appreciate and recognize that an understanding of geometric principles transcends “just passing the course.”  Our highly-trained and carefully chosen tutors work through cutting-edge methods to foster an understanding, appreciation, and confidence surrounding all things geometric.  We realize, that to do so, will being long lasting benefits to the families that we serve.

Continuing Study of Geometry involves:
An understanding of all things spatial
There are many benefits that come to your student from being able to understand the amazing attributes of the world’s shape.  Our universe includes many different stars and planets.  All have different shapes and sizes.
An ability to see things visually –
An understanding of “how” to see things visually is superior to just seeing shapes and sizes.
Right and Left Brain use
Geometry is a unique process.  If taught correctly, your student will experience a discipline which requires the use of both sides of the brain.  It utilizes the logical side as well as the creative side.  A career in architecture or civil engineering requires these skills.
A different and unique way to view the world –
Geometry requires your student to think outside of box.  This is important when studying the different population groups.

Welcome to Geometry Excellence.  Welcome to the GayleTutors way.