Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry by definition is “the branch of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed.”  Understanding the basics of chemistry is important for almost any technical profession.


A Master Plan designed with your child in mind

The GayleTutors process for Chemistry mastery begins with the selection of a skilled professional specifically targeted to bring out the best in your child.  Your child’s Chemistry tutor will begin by evaluating and laying the foundation through a focus on generalized work with exponents – which includes multiplying and dividing exponents as well as moving exponents between numerator and denominator.  This particular skill is a important component of any branch of Chemistry.  

Your student will gain valuable experience in being able to interpret word problems and then in selecting the appropriate equation into which to insert values.  Mastery in the area of interpreting word problems has immediate application in Chemistry.

Next, your child’s Chemistry tutor will supply knowledge in algebraic concepts.  This will enable your student to develop an understanding of variables and constants conceptually.

     Your student will be shown specific techniques for work in ratios and proportions, which can be a bit confusing in Chemistry.

The Scientific Method

Your child is now ready for an introduction to the Scientific Method which is a systemic way of applying knowledge through observation and testing.  Introduction to the different types of Chemistry will take place.  Some examples of these are Astrochemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering.

Your student is then taught to apply his new found skills toward his individual homework problems  Hands on learning in class will reinforce and compliment concepts taught by tutor.

Your child will find it rewarding  to fully  understand the logarithmic system as this system is used regularly in acid based calculations in a Chemistry class.  Your Chemistry tutor will take great care to strengthen concepts which will enable your student with the ability to  interpretation graphs and to work confidently with logarithms.

Advanced Chemistry Tutoring – The GayleTutors Way

To our advanced students, GayleTutors offers an individualized approach specifically targeting the needs of your student with homework-lead instruction.  As proficiency in mathematical calculation is absolutely necessary in the exploration of Chemistry, your child’s Chemistry tutor will identify any weak areas and provide reinforcement while moving forward in key concepts which are being taught in class.

All Chemistry concepts will be reinforced through the GayleTutors FAST method which may involve supplying concept reinforcement utilizing family support and your child’s Chemistry teacher.

Whether your student is at the  beginning stages in his pursuit of Chemistry or advanced, your Chemistry tutor will supply supplementation in areas where strengthening is needed while providing homework-lead instruction.  This will empower your child to master areas that  directly impact his/her understanding of concepts which are currently being taught in class.

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