Athlete Tutoring

GayleTutors and Your Athlete – a Team Partnership

Our 21st century existence thrives on multiple intelligences.  At GayleTutors, we recognize the importance of living a balanced life.  However, the value of proficiency in mathematical pursuits cannot be underestimated.  What sets our tutorial service apart is that we realize the value of a well-rounded academic program during the school year.

GayleTutors has developed a practicum to assist our families and challenge our students who are talented  enough to pursue athletic, musical, and academic excellence.  Additionally we are aware that many studies have proven that athletic/musical intelligence parallels mathematical intelligence in many ways.  Our program capitalizes on this fact.

Our athlete-influenced tutorial sessions are characterized by:

o  A formal assessment of and identification of your athlete’s innate mathematical strengths.

  • Times for the math tutorial session that accommodate your athlete’s schedule.  These may include, but are not limited to, early morning or late evening, or Saturday afternoon sessions.
  • We offer math tutorial locations that will better fit the schedule needs of your athlete (when available)
  • Shorter, condensed sessions that respect the schedule and needs of athletes.  Half hour sessions are common.  Special assignments may be given for reinforcement which can be done by the athlete at home.
  • Specially-chosen math tutor maintains regular contact with the teacher via phone, email, and online schedule listings so that the math tutor is aware of upcoming schedule needs These include but are not limited to concept exams and athletic practices/games.
  • Tutor maintains weekly contact with parent to discuss weekly progress and upcoming commitments.
  • Initial study skills assessment

Logical/Spatial Abilities

Logical mathematical intelligence and academic intelligence involve the capacity to analyze problems, carry out operations, and investigate issues.  These skills are present in both the academician and the athlete.  They can be seen in the following ways.

  • Spatial intelligence enjoys the potential to recognize and manipulate patterns of wide space.
  • Spatial intelligence displays itself in both mathematical and athletic endeavors.  It is noted in studies that intelligent people tend to be very well coordinated.

Four ways families can support our GayleTutors athletes:

o  Accept that athletes have a limited amount of time available to spend on academic coursework.  Accept also that there is a definite relationship between mathematical prowess and time spent in successful study.  (The GayleTutors FAST system will aid in sharing successful study techniques with your child.)  Our athletes and musicians benefit from the encouragement they receive to use their time wisely.  Drilling can be done on the commute to and from athletic events.  Textbooks can be readily available to be used during time spent in the car or waiting at competitions or practice.

o  Believe that IQ can improve with hard work.

o  Encourage your child (and yourself) to persist.  “Persistence in the face of failure” is very much a part of a tradition of self improvement.

o  Accountability and inspection are wonderful motivators.