Algebra 1/Common Core

Math is an opportunity gateway, and one cannot get to higher levels of math without entering the doorway of Algebra 1.

Algebra is the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations.  Mastery of this all important mathematical discipline develops thinking, specifically logic, patterns, problem solving, and deductive and inductive reasoning in your student.

Skillful Tutoring:

If taught correctly, mastery at the Algebra 1 level can open doors to the future unseen in other disciplines.

Algebra – the GayleTutors Way

At GayleTutors, what sets our math tutorial service apart from other services is our ability to:

  •  master preliminary skills without the reliance “worksheets” while ensuring that your student is
  • current with concepts being taught in the classroom.  All this is done with
  • care and consideration being given to the learning style of your student and his/her particular temperament and mathematical history.

We at GayleTutors provide your child with the best possible foundation for Algebra mastery.  An all important preliminary assessment is performed to identify the mathematical strengths which lie in your student.

Following the Assessment

With your assessment complete, your skilled and knowledgeable Algebra tutor will:

  • lay the foundation for successful mastery of subtraction, multiplication, division, a solid understanding of positive and negative integers, and the ability to problem solve with one variable.
  • provide an understanding of fractions, ratios, proportions and the ability to manipulate fractions in equations, the role of placeholders, and the all important ability to translate word problems into algebraic expressions.  Also included is a session on gaining an understanding of basic number properties.

Our ambitious undertaking is achieved while making sure that your student is utilizing the knowledge to excel in the concepts currently being taught in the classroom.

Few students will have command of these important skills before entering or during their Algebra experience.  Your child is spared the unnecessary suffering often experienced as a part of this important mathematical milestone.

The GayleTutors Algebra Practicum

Once the foundation is laid, our Algebra tutors will focus on making the Algebraic connection using underlying basic mathematical concepts and progress through more advanced Algebraic concepts.

The classroom teacher and the demands of the particular class will come to bear on the following Practicum.

Sample 4-week block:

Week One:  Assessment of skills, review of current homework, tests, etc.  Identify strengths and areas of need.

Week Two:  Begin foundational skills explanation, assign relevant home reinforcement.

Week Three:  Assess homework, identify areas of need, review concepts, deeper explanations

Week Four:  Assess progress, review concepts, confer with parent.

Common Core Can Be Mastered

Common Core can be mastered as it builds on an existing framework and brings new thought to bear on what the student will need to be successful in college, career, and most importantly, life.  Additionally, Common Core calls the student to focus in an in-depth manner on fewer topics, rather than racing to cover many topics.  This is a paradigm shift.  The goal is that students will gain a stronger mathematical foundation which will allow the student to more easily apply the knowledge of mathematics inside and outside the classroom.

Topics new to Common Core Algebra 1:

  • solving nonlinear systems of equations
  • graphing cube root functions
  • advanced solving radical equations
  • inverse of a function
  • abstract and quantitative reasoning
  • the ability to look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

GayleTutors is fully aligned with the new Common Core standards and has the tools to help your child advance in his or her understanding of this system.