About GayleTutors

The GayleTutors Mission

Our mission is simple, yet life changing – to open the doorway of mathematics to your student in such a way as to radically improve the quality of life for the families that we serve.

About GayleTutors

GayleTutors was founded and established in 2006, as the teaching style of Gayle Williams became widely sought after following her participation in a UCLA-funded Summer Algebra Academy.  We have since had the opportunity to serve and improve the lives of hundreds of students.

Why We Do What We Do

You are why we do it.  Mrs. Williams’ passion is to use her many years in the educational arena, coupled with her knowledge of mathematics, to give your student an experience whose principles will last a lifetime.

What We Can Offer You

GayleTutors specializes in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, and that is only the beginning.  Assistance in Basic and Remedial Math is available.  GayleTutors brings the F.A.S.T. system, with its strong track record for identifying the mathematical strengths inherent in each student.  We align ourselves with your student to help him exceed his mathematical goals, all within the framework of a fun and nurturing environment.

Who Do We Serve

We serve you and the cities of Lakewood, Bellflower, Downey, Cerritos, Long Beach, and Northern Orange County.  Our primary location is the beautiful Iacaboni Library in the lovely City of Lakewood.  Home and on-location sessions are available.  

We can also provide tutoring via Skype or other online video conferencing services or those out of our primary service area. A company thrives when it pleases its customers.  At GayleTutors, we endeavor to do just that.

About Gayle Williams

gayle-williams-tutorGayle Williams graduated magna cum laude from California State University at Dominguez Hills.  She presents with both an emergency teaching credential and an early childhood development credential and has been in education for over 20 years.  Mrs. Williams has a unique and well-rounded educational background which has prepared her to be able to explain very difficult math concepts in ways that are easily understood by her students.  She has taken not less than ten math classes over and above those required by her major, receiving not less than a “B” in any math course.  Gayle Williams is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner with a passion for teaching mathematics.  Mrs. Williams has resided in the Lakewood/Long Beach area for over 20 years.  She and her husband Alix have raised three beautiful children who share her passion for education.